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Quality Assured

Precise Group is one of the established players in the Indian Pharmaceutical market and moving towards becoming a prominent drug producer in India. Besides continuously making our base stronger in the pharmaceutical market we are introducing new therapeutic areas. We are offering new products for the first time in India advantage.



We are amongst the best manufacturing units for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) with a proven track record for skills in synthetic and analytical chemistry processes. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients like Zolpidem, Dorzolamide, Levocloperastine and Naphazoline are manufactured at our own licensed Manufacturing facility in Navi Mumbai.


Formulations are made under strict and regulated conditions in drug manufacturing units approved by regulatory authorities. To get the precise formulations laboratories with advanced technology are used. Precise has a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing site for niche products, CTD-EDMF, Drug Master File, Finished Dosage Formulations used in critical medical states in Gynaecology, Oncology, Cardiovascular ailments, Anti-Tb and Anti-Diabetics.



We consider ourselves manufacturers of 'the stepping stone' between the parent substance and final pharma compound. With honest manufacturing processes, we have well-trained people to conduct the making of these intermediates along with other Parenterals, Liquid and External Preparation. They are produced at WHO-GMP approved sites with stringent technical guidance by the Precise officials.

P2P Business

PRECISE GROUP offers P2P and contract manufacturing services for many new products for which we have DCGI approvals. PRECISE has always focused on high value niche products. With challenging technological breakthroughs, it has won itself demanding customers, who trust the group for its immaculately clean dealings, insistence to quality and a high level of customer service.

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